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Valedictorian Speech

Ive just got to say.... There are a lot of beautiful people in this room. Theyre the people behind me. There are swimmers and chefs, artists and scientists, writers and runners, politicians and policemen. We all have dreams; we all have futures. This is our first chance--our only chance--to get our places in this busy world. Im not worried, and none of us should be. Weve been prepared by our families, taught by our teachers, and experienced with our friends. My parents brought me the world, my teachers taught me how it worked, and my friends got me to enjoy it. The experiences Ive had as a part of the class of 98 will be part of me always, and the people Ive met here at EPHS will always have a place in my heart. Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I disagree. I think that beauty lives in a persons heart. I think that its beautiful when a person pushes it through the last second, when people treat their enemies as friends, or when two people fall in love. I started off by saying that there are a lot of beautiful people behind me, not just because they are models or beauty queens (though some are), ----- but because of the size of their hearts. I could never be more proud than to graduate with the class of 1998.