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Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT

Summer 2001 Pilot Participants


Arika Acton is an undergraduate English major at the University of Colorado. Her experience with e-learning comes from assisting Professor Dick McCray in the creation, teaching, and assesment of a web-based introductory astronomy course at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She will be working on the creation of interactive, web-based blocks of instruction through the coordination of Sun Microsystems and the University of Colorado.

Kirsten Anderson is the Technology Specialist for the School of Education at CU Boulder, where she works closely with faculty, staff and students on using and integrating technology into the curriculum. Ms. Anderson received her BS in Mathematics and her BS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, after which she worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory as a software and algorithm developer. She completed her Master’s in Mathematics at CU Boulder while also teaching Calculus and Math for the Environment.

Dan Cooley is an Applied Mathematics graduate student and teaching assistant at CU Boulder. Mr. Cooley received his BA in Mathematics at CU in 1994 and was licensed to teach secondary mathematics in 1995. Mr. Cooley taught mathematics at Glenwood Springs High School for five years and was honored as Exemplary Teacher in 1999. He is familiar with such applications as MATLAB, Mathematica, SPSS and MVP Stats Statistical Software and Java.

Dr. James Curry is a professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics at CU Boulder and serves as the JR Woodhall/Logicon Teaching Professor of Applied Mathematics. He is also a President's teaching scholar.

Dr. Anne Dougherty received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1994. She is a senior instructor and the Associate Chair in the Department of Applied Mathematics at CU Boulder. She has taken an active interest in undergraduate education since she arrived at CU in 1994. She has developed an algebra assessment test for Calculus placement and has been involved in the analysis of resulting data for almost six years. She directs the Applied Mathematics' Summer Institute and is responsible for coordinating all efforts in the project.

Chuck Ferguson is a learning technologist within Sun Educational Services' eLearning organization. He leads research in eLearning theory to practice and emerging eLearning technologies2_. Additional research areas include application of XML to learning object creation, communities of practice, and evaluation of eLearning effectiveness. Mr. Ferguson has more than 20 years of industry experience that includes presenting technical education classes to Fortune 1000 corporations, developing technical training and education programs, performing instructional design and development, and creating multimedia and web-based instruction. Mr. Ferguson holds a MA Ed. degree in Instructional and Learning Technologies from the University of Colorado.

Darin Gillis is an undergraduate double majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He has several years of programming experience in C, C++, Java, and other such languages. He worked during the summer of 2000 for National Instruments on an original software design project geared towards the Palm Pilot. It ports NI's popular LabView software for use on a handheld, and Darin contributed several thousand lines of code to the effort.

Ryan Girard is a graduate student and teaching assistant in the Department of Applied Mathematics at CU Boulder. He received his BS in Mathematics and Meteorology from the University of Massachusetts in 1999. Mr. Girard completed an honors thesis entitled "A Time Series Analysis of Mean Temperature Data," in which he used spectral and Fourier analysis to detect temperature trends. He worked for one semester as a mathematics teacher in New Hampshire and has tutored Calculus, Statistics and meteorology for over four years.


Jason Heddings is a Java developer & XML specialist for Sun Educational Services. He received his BS in Computer Science from CU Boulder in 2000, with extensive coursework in Applied Mathematics. His role in the project will be a technical advisor as well as a mentor for the interns at Sun who will be programming in Java.

Dr. Steve Iona teaches physics, chemistry, and mathematics at Horizon High School. He has been with in Adams County School District 12 -- Five Star Schools for over 25 years. Locally, he coordinates the Denver Area Physics Teachers group, and nationally he serves on the Executive Board of the American Association of Physics Teachers. Recently, he taught as an adjunct professor at Metropolitan State College and the University of Denver in their Science Methods program. He also worked on the development team for the Colorado Model Content Standards in Science. In 2000, he was selected as a state finalist for the Presidential Awards Program.

Paula Krage-Serbinin is an Executive MBA student at CU. Her BA and Colorado teaching license are from Colorado State University. Ms. Krage-Serbinin has taught high school social studies for the Department of Defense Dependant Schools in Europe. She started a languages program in Germany. The program teaches over 250 students per year from roughly 35 countries. She has implemented and instructed an on-line course for various NATO countries.

Dr. Dick McCray is a professor in the Astrophysics Department at CU Boulder. Professor McCray is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and has been leading the effort to reform lower division courses in astronomy through the appropriate uses of technology.

Mary Nelson was previously an instructor and the Assistant Chair at George Mason University where she spearheaded an outreach program similar to The Summer Institute in Applied Mathematics. She helped to develop the Applied Mathematics Summer Institute and she is the instructor for the Calculus course, Extend Your Limits. She has taught both middle and high school mathematics on a full time basis. Ms. Nelson is currently on the faculty at Front Range Community College, is a teaching assistant in Applied Math at CU Boulder, and is a Ph.D. student in the School of Education. Her research area will consider assessment issues at the high school and college level.

Paul Nelson is the director of operations and quality for Sun Educational Services. He received his BS in Engineering from West Point and went on to get his masters in national security affairs.

Dr. Valerie Otero is an assistant professor of Science Education in the School of Education at CU Boulder. She received her Ph.D. in Physics Education at the University of California at San Diego and San Diego State University. Dr. Otero has five years of experience in developing IT enhanced instructional materials. The CPU Pedagogy and Materials embed simulation software into pedagogical designs and activity structure to facilitate collaborative construction of explanatory models in physics.

Patrick Simek is part of a concurrent- degree program where he will earn his BS and MS in Computer Science Engineering with an emphasis in Software Engineering and Education. He is also completing a minor in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Probability and Statistics. He has been, and currently is, a teaching assisstant for the computer science department. He has co-taught Intro to Programming for two semesters and data structures for 2 more semesters. His main interests are programming, mathematics and education.


Kari Tenfjord received her BS in Applied Mathematics at CU Boulder in 1995 and completed her MA in Math Education and her secondary mathematics teaching license in the spring of 2000. Ms. Tenfjord taught high school mathematics during the fall of 2000 in Boulder and has taught Applied Math's Calculus 1 course for three summers. She was involved in the Applied Mathematics' Summer Institute as a course-developer, a co-instructor, a web designer, and a technology-assistant. She has programmed in Fortran, C, Java and HTML.