University Days

Here is some background on past projects I've worked on (chronological order, from 1998-2003)

My High School Valedictorian Speech

My First, and Likely Only, Published Poem - Published in the Rocky Mountain Poetry Anthology 1998.

Center for Learning and Teaching - Partnership between University of Colorado Applied Math Dept. and Sun Microsystems.  Attempted to secure federal grant money for a Java-based educational tool targeted at K-12 Science & Mathematics students.

Dillard University & University of Colorado Educational Initiative - Shared course materials (see MVT above) in calculus, helped to deliver web-based technologies (see CLT above) to improve student learning at Dillard University in New Oreleans.

Mathematics Visualization Toolkit 2.0 - Used by University of Colorado at Boulder to help students visualize Calculus concepts.  Tool was a required tool used by all CU engineering students who took calculus in the engineering school 2002-2003 (unsure what happened to the MVT after 2003).

MVT 2.0 Screenshots:

Physics Simulation Java Apps for STEM/PHET - Partnership between Sun Microsystems, Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Dr. Carl Weimann, and astrophysicist professor Dr. Dick McCray of University of Colorado at Boulder.
  Binary Star Orbits (STEM) - Simulation/visualization of orbits of binary stars
  Friction Simulation (PHET) - Simulation/visualization of friction between two surfaces

Senior Project: RoundTable Real-Time OS
TODO - write some more background on my team's senior project.
Here's the logo:

Outstanding Paper Designation (1st place) in 2003 Mathematical Contest in Modeling
SIAM article/interview about our big win.
Published in UMAP Journal Vol 24, No. 3 (google doc copy here)

Here's a photo of our team: